Door End Panels: Adding Even More Kitchen Expression  

Kitchen refacing is an invigorating process that gives new life to your faithful kitchen. Not many occasions prove to be as exciting as expressing yourself in new ways by upgrading your cherished home’s look. Not only do you get to choose what you want to be updated, how you want it improved, and what materials you’ll use, but you can even decide how much you want your kitchen to “pop.” Maybe you want pizazz to shower over your kitchen. If you’re pulling out all of the stops, or maybe just seeking that classy final touch, door end panels are likely the finishing touch you’re looking for!

Door End Panels: Refined Elegance

When we reface your kitchen, there’s often non-cabinet spaces that remain once we’ve completed your renovations.  These areas are usually on the side of peninsulas, islands or at the end of a cabinet. In many kitchen improvements, we use plain, flat pieces/materials to finish these types of spaces. There’s nothing wrong with this classic style, either! In fact, many prefer leaving this kind of space uncomplicated.

But for those seeking the ultimate in refined elegance, door end panels are a most desirable upgrade. Door end panels can end up on just about any open space on kitchen fixtures, and planning their installation is an easy part of your kitchen refacing process!

How do we customize these panels to meet your space’s specific needs? For every door end panel we place, we use an actual cabinet door built, measured, and adjusted to fit the space you’re looking to fill. While these door end panels aren’t functional, they are beloved attention-grabbers and can be part of practically any style of kitchen.

The sides and back of this kitchen island has door panels, corbels and base molding that continue the beautiful traditional style underneath the breakfast bar.


Don’t stress about the prospect of more choices! Door end panels can be an easy addition. Your options for these upgrades are practically limitless. Just about anything you could choose for a cabinet door you can choose to use for your door end panels. The most common choice is to place panels that match your cabinets, but in reality, we can install a door end panel made in any material, color, and style that we could fit as a cabinet door!

After we’ve measured and fit your panels, we also finish the bottom of the space with furniture-based molding to complete your kitchen’s exquisite new appearance!

Thinking about trying a door end panel under your gorgeous marble-topped island in a style other than what you have on your cabinets but not sure what colors would best suit your kitchen? Don’t worry! Stay tuned for upcoming blog guides on room colors, room themes and schemes, and more!

As with all of your kitchen refacing choices, reach out to us with any questions you have. Whether a stylistic question about which door end panel would look best in your kitchen to scheduling an entire kitchen overall, we’re here for you!

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