Kitchen Buzz: Choosing a sink  

The Huffington Post has news for every occasion, and remodeling your kitchen is no exception.  They recently put out a handy guide to the various options available when choosing a kitchen sink. Style, material and fixtures can all be tough questions when it comes to a feature you’ll be using every day.

Chrome Kitchen Sink Faucet Tom Baker

One feature that can be particularly puzzling is the number of bowls in a sink and what difference that makes. How you use your kitchen will be the deciding factor. Do you hand-wash or pre-soak large items like baking pans or prefer to fill pasta pots in your sink? Those tasks will require at least one large bowl.

If you frequently find yourself frustrated with a single bowl sink in your current kitchen, it might be wise to consider a second bowl, even if only a smaller one, just so that you can multi-task in that space. If you have a small kitchen that doesn’t allow space for a dishwasher, a two bowl sink with an over-the-sink cutting board can provide a place for dirty dishes to soak without losing work space or your only sink bowl.

For another great summary of available sink options, check out this great graphic by Delta. It goes beyond the drop-in, undermount and integral sinks mentioned in the article to include farmhouse and apron sinks.


So that’s everything and the kitchen sink to know about kitchen sinks! Faucets and fixtures are a world of their own and have their own post coming up.

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