5 Tips to Find Answers at a Home Show  

Have you noticed flyers or saw an ad on TV discussing an upcoming home show in your area and wondered what it was about? If you’re not sure that attending one will be that helpful, here is an overview of home shows so that you know what to expect.
So what are home shows exactly?

Home Shows: What are They?

Home shows are conventions about homebuilding. They are full of booths where companies from all corners of the homebuilding industry present themselves. Every imaginable aspect of home ownership can be found at home shows. There’s kitchens, siding, roofing, tiles, flooring, sinks, doors, and windows, to name just a few! Even insurance and landscaping are usually on-hand for many home shows!


How Can I Use Home Shows for Remodeling?

Here are 5 ways to maximize the benefits that home shows can provide you!

1. Know what you want in advance.

Knowing in advance what you’re looking to upgrade and which room(s) you’re planning on changing will keep you on track. Once you have that, take a moment to find out where on the show floor certain companies are. Most shows have a website with a map of booths and a list of companies that you can use to plan a path. If you receive a map when you arrive, mark these spots on it. Knowing what you want and where you’re going will prevent feeling lost once you’re there.

2. Ask questions.

The internet is a great research tool, but it still can’t replace human contact. When you find the booths that would be most constructive for your remodel, take a minute to ask questions. There may be something that you couldn’t find an answer to online about them and their products . Even if you are timid about talking to others, booth people are very friendly and pleased to help you figure out how they and their company can assist you.

3. Get up close and personal (with the product)

One of the top advantages of going to a home show is to see the material quality and craftmanship of a company in person. Open the cabinets, test the hinges, look at the drawerboxes, examine every detail. The displays are an example of how they would look in your home, so test’em out!


4. Take time to network.

We don’t mean this in the professional networking sense. Collect business cards from any companies that are relevant to the remodel you’re planning. You’ll be able to contact or look these companies up later in the peace of your own home.

5. Take it easy.

Remember that you don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t want to- even company representatives! If you’re uninterested in their product, politely dismiss them with a “No thank you!” and keep on your merry way. You can take breaks from the convention hall to recollect your thoughts. Many home shows will let you reenter with your ticket or bracelet, but be sure to ask before leaving!
Home shows are an excellent way to refine any plans you may have for your home. And if you see a Kitchen Saver booth at your next home show, be sure to stop by and say hi!
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