Kitchen Buzz: Where does your money go?  

solid surface kitchen counter top

The  popular blog Lifehacker is known for its tips, tricks and strategies for all the nagging details of life. Now it has weighed in on how to predict where your kitchen remodeling dollars will end up. Their recent post breaks spending into seven categories and predicts how much of your budget goes to each.

Expect your top item to be cabinets, says their list. In fact, they have it slated for a full 35% of the average budget, above labor and appliances.  Check out the rest of their remodeling budget breakdown here.

They do mention that your choices can significantly change these predictions. In our posts on the methods and options available to customize the look and cost of your kitchen remodel, we touch on ways to keep your priorities at the top of your budget. If you need to control your cabinet spending, or just get the most bang for your buck, check out those posts and others on our blog.

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