Spotlight on Kitchen Islands  


One of the most useful trends in kitchen design has been kitchen islands. Traditionally, cabinets and counters were confined to lining the walls of a kitchen. As the trend of open kitchens developed, designers started adding peninsulas of cabinets and counter tops that extended into the center of the room. Before long, entirely separate kitchen islands were being built and the way we look at and use our kitchens had forever changed.

By combining the convenient work surface of a kitchen table with the storage of additional cabinets, a kitchen island can greatly magnify the utility of your kitchen.

Vienna, VA


The brilliance of a kitchen island is found in the almost endless versatility they provide. There are numerous purposes that the island can serve, and it all depends on what matters most to the individual. From baking space to eating space to storage, entertaining, or extending the usefulness of the kitchen with extra sinks, appliances, or even cook surfaces, adding an island during your kitchen remodeling adventure is a consideration you should definitely take into account.

This kitchen was refaced in cherry with Presidential doors. A trash/recycling two-bin pullout was added, along with a knife block and cutlery divider. Structural repairs were done on the cabinet boxes and new glass doors replaced the old ones.
Ashburn, VA


The most common form of kitchen island is the simple pairing of a counter top surface of your choice with cabinets below for extra storage. In addition to the extra storage, you get plenty of extra surface area for working or just setting dishes when things start to get cramped.  And if extra working space isn’t a necessity, the island also functions as a wonderful buffet to serve from so that guests can easily fill their plates, leaving plenty of room at the table for elbows and knees.

This remarkable kitchen has maple cabinets with presidential doors. A wall was removed to make way for the large island. The island seats 12 or more and features a hibachi cooktop and range hood.
Timonium, MD


Speaking of seating, if you pair a cut out on one or more sides of your island with some bar stools, then Voila! You have a great spot for informal dining, a homework station for the kids, or just a place to hang out and talk with friends or family. And when you want better lighting for cooking or just ambiance in your kitchen, the island is the perfect place to hang pendant lights above.

By repairing structural damage and keeping their existing cabinet boxes, these homeowners saved a bunch refacing their kitchen with Kitchen Saver. The door style is LaFayette, and the finish is designer white colourtone on MDF. Those savings translated into custom features like cabinet extensions, new cabinets, rollouts, pullout trash and recycling bins, and contrasting granites on their countertop and island. Beautiful!
Belcamp, MD


For the more serious chef, your kitchen island can house appliances to add a new range of utility apart from just baking or food prep. Some people choose to add a sink into the top of the island, or built-in appliances such as a cook top or an oven.  If built-ins aren’t your style or budget, your island can also store more of your specialty appliances that may not fit easily in your existing cabinets. Extended counter space allows you to keep some of them out all the time if you like, or just a place to put them when you actually need to use them without being crowded.

Reston, VA


Even if you have plenty of kitchen storage and room to work, and don’t need any additional entertaining or serving space, a kitchen island can add beauty to your home. As a literal centerpiece to your kitchen, they can either put your kitchen’s style in the spotlight, or allow you to add a further design element by utilizing different materials that complement but offer a contrast to your wall-mounted kitchen cabinets and counters. Kitchen islands are also a great place to feature that countertop slab you picked out so carefully.

Whether yours brings style, seating, storage or space, chances are a kitchen island will be a welcome addition in your home. If you’re ready to discuss your remodeling project or learn about kitchen cabinet refacing, give us a call or fill out the form for a free appointment with a kitchen design consultant!


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