Spotlight On… Pullouts and Rollouts  

The world of storage solutions is wide, and can be a little confusing, especially what to call things. The terms rollout and pullout are great examples of words that are used a bit interchangably, and that can cause confusion. “The-back-of-the-cupboard-reacher” may make sense to you, but the next person might not know what you mean.

For the purposes of this blog, ‘rollouts’ are a rolling or sliding shelf, whereas ‘pullouts’ are attached to a drawer front, generally with a handle. While some have drawer boxes, not all do. Some move on slides, while others use casters.  For ease of discussion we’ll say that if it has a ‘pull’  a door, front or handle, it’s a pull-out, and if it is a rolling or moving shelf that is behind and not connected to the door then its a roll-out.


Rollout Shelves
Roll-out Shelves

Space-savers that enhance usability bring relief to frustrated homeowners in any size kitchen, but in small kitchens organizationa nd maximizing space matters even more. Smaller kitchens must do just as much in less space so storage optimizers and improvements to accessibility are even more valuable.

There’s more to ease of use than just the moments that you’re using the item. If an item is easy to reach and use, you’re more likely to use it. How many times have you left something out on the counter simply because you’ll need it again and it’s a hassle to get it out? Or skipped using a particular tool or ingredient because you didn’t want to dig it out? When your storage is convenient, keeping a clear workspace is easy and you get more utility from your kitchen.

Darenstown, MD
 See the rest of this Darrenstown, MD kitchen in our gallery!

Darenstown, MD


These are all fairly new ways of thinking about how we store our kitchen items. By changing our storage, we can significantly change how we use our kitchens.  Instead of sitting inertly, your goods can now be moved and sorted through with ease. Incorporating these unconventional storage options can change your daily tasks for the better.

Trash and Recycling
One of the most common space saving pullouts is the trash, or trash and recycling drawer. This pullout keeps the look of your kitchen consistent by tucking the bins out of sight behind a matching drawerfront but keeps them easy to access.


Tip-out Tray
Another popular pullout doesn’t pull out very far at all; it tips! Tip out trays are great for using every bit of space to keep your counter clear of necessities like scrub brushes and sponges.

Tip-Out Tray
Tip-Out Tray


One of the advantages of small remodels, where you’re keeping a floorplan that you’ve lived with for a while, is that you know what spaces get the most use. You can use that knowledge to increase the utility of that area, or you would look to improving areas that have been under used by taking a close look at any challenges that need to be addressed. Like the spot you can never reach could use a roll out shelf or a pull-down shelf. Or that corner cabinet where you can’t see anything could use a blind cabinet organizer.

How many storage optimizers could fit in your kitchen, and how would it change what you could do? Take a moment to think of how you would improve recurring kitchen irritations with a better design.

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