The White Kitchen Trend, Explained  


If you’ve ever seen or toured a home that hasn’t been renovated in over 20 or 30 years, you’ve probably said to yourself at some point “what were they thinking with this color?”. Fashion trends tend to come and go from generation to generation. Some of them, we’re very thankful to see move on(until they come back). Others are timeless – and may remain popular forever.

One of the trends that has gained “timeless” status is white kitchens. White kitchens have been dominating the industry for several years now, and this trend is only getting stronger. There are several reasons for this lasting power. The factors behind the popularity of white kitchens make it a very clever choice when considering  cabinet refacing or kitchen remodeling.

This kitchen was refaced with white laminate in a classic design. A glaze on the doors highlights the details of the design, and crown moulding adds a finished look to the room. A lazy susan allows the full space of a corner cabinet to be easy to access storage.
Westminster, MD

The Psychological Aspect

You may not usually consider psychology when it comes to retail, fashion, or design decisions, but it’s a large part of how we enjoy our spaces. White as a color has a strong association with our ideas of freshness and cleanliness. Color therapists say that white creates feelings of happiness, innocence, and purity. And if there’s one area of a home that most people want to be fresh and clean (besides the bathroom), it’s the kitchen. For most people, a white kitchen generates the feeling of cleanliness. Plus, dirt can’t hide in a white kitchen.

This gives white kitchens a lasting market value to homeowners who are selling or plan to do so in the future. That value lasts because white’s “fresh and clean” identity isn’t going to change. That feeling translates to dollars by making a positive first impression on buyers. White kitchens won’t cause future buyers to immediately want a renovation. White appliances regularly top sales so do white kitchen cabinets. White works!

And why?

The Design Aspect

White also continues to be popular because it is flexible. It plays well both with other colors and with a range of design elements. White is considered to be ‘the universal design color’ because it goes with anything. No matter what accent color your home contains or your heart desires, white will go with it.

White shaker doors and stainless steel appliances highlight the grey veins on the white stone of this kitchen’s backsplash and countertops. Glass doors showcase the stemware and a built-in kitchen desk is tucked elegantly in a corner. Striking bar-style handles and pulls emphasize the strong lines of the kitchen’s design, keeping the style solidly contemporary.
White highlights the marble counters and accent colors in this kitchen

White also highlights other features in a room or design. A simple glaze on white cabinet doors can highlight beautiful details. A stretch of white cabinet doors is complimentary to strong design elements, like a strong wall color, or a granite counter top with lots of “movement”. This dual flexibility lets you make your kitchen match the style you want. And what’s even better is that if your tastes change, you can change room colors or design elements, and your white cabinets will still fit the design.

Another great aspect of white is that it is the brightest color. It reflects light back into the room, which can make small kitchens seem larger and feel spacious.

Between the feelings that white kitchens evoke and the almost unlimited design options they offer, it’s no surprise that white kitchens are a longtime and returning favorite. And you can count on it to last for years to come.

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