What to Expect from a Kitchen Consultation  

Most homeowners expect to have a consultation at some point in their kitchen refacing or remodeling process, but they may not know what to expect from it. If that sounds familiar, then this post’s for you.

In our Step-by-Step, we’ve gone over all the essential questions you should ask yourself while planning your kitchen remodeling project. You now have a comprehensive list of your expectations, which is crucial to your next step in making that kitchen a reality; having consultations with contracting companies, so you can choose the one that will deliver the project you want.

Having followed these guidelines for what to look for in hiring a pro you should now have a preliminary list of companies. Now it’s time to make contact.

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Setting up the Consultation – What’s Right For You?

A remodeling consultation can come in different forms. Some contractors only offer a phone call or a meeting at one of their showrooms, while others will offer an in-home evaluation of your kitchen. Not all companies that offer the in-home consultation will do it for free; however, we still recommend this as the best option before you sign any contracts.

Why go for the in-home consultation?

  • First of all, it’s more likely you can get an exact or near-exact price for your project. An in-home consultation can include a measurement of your kitchen, which will allow the consultant to more precisely estimate the cost for materials.
  • Second, you have the high ground. The consultant is in your home, and so is less likely to use pressure tactics and more likely to be respectful to you in your space. If things go sour, it is your right to ask them to leave, where as when you’re in their showroom, it’s harder to get away from a bad consultation.
  • Third, it’s much easier for the consultant to notice any problem areas in your kitchen that you may have overlooked. Perhaps you weren’t intending on removing your tile countertops, but upon close inspection by a professional, the grout is deteriorating to the point that the counter is no longer structurally stable. You don’t want to sign a contract with a company before recognizing these kinds of issues and discussing options to address them.
  • Fourth, you get to see the products IN YOUR HOME, so you can tell if they’ll clash with anything, and how they will look in the lighting of your home. Showroom lighting is much brighter than most home environments (partially because they know that good lighting is key to making your kitchen look it’s best).
  • Finally, consultants can also take design cues from things that you like in your home. If you have a favorite antique, for example, they could look at it and suggest styles that coordinate with it or that have a similar feel to them.
An in-home consultation can account for the exact measurements of your kitchen, giving you both a better estimate and a better outcome.

Whether you visit showrooms, call contractors who offer in-home consultations or both, choose which ones you feel will be worth the investment to come to your home. Also, never miss the opportunity for a free in-home consultation, even if you’re not planning on using that particular company for the job. One more opinion on what you can do and how you can do it is always useful, especially when it’s free.

Consultation Complete!

After a day or two or ten, you’ve gone to  or hosted multiple consultations, and now you’ve found the one. You have your cost in-hand and your contract is signed. Congratulations! Your remodeling project is now in the hands of your contractor. In a few days or weeks, you’ll have a shining new, fully functional, comfy kitchen to cook and socialize in for years to come.

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