What is Kitchen Saver?

Kitchen Saver is a cabinet refacing company focused on delivering a refinished kitchen in as little as three days. Kitchen Saver began serving the Mid-Atlantic region in 1980, offering an easier, more efficient way for homeowners to remodel their kitchens. Using the Custom Cabinet Renewal system, we provide kitchen remodeling services that preserve the aspects of your kitchen you want to keep, while transforming what you want to change, either for aesthetic or functional reasons. We are committed to providing the most innovative and quality products available on the market while making your remodeling experience as stress-free and affordable as possible. Our commitment to our customers extends to the communities in which we work, supporting those charities, non-profits, and local programs that make the lives of our customers better. We directly support organizations such as Habitat for Humanity as well as local schools and church programs that provide needed support to individuals and families in need in our communities.

How much does a Kitchen Saver project cost?

Kitchen Saver projects vary in cost due to the highly customized nature of the products and options that we offer. When you think about remodeling your kitchen, you immediately think of two things: time and money. You know it’s a sound investment – according to the Cost vs. Value Report of 2019, the return on investment (ROI) for minor kitchen remodeling projects has increased in recent years and is the third highest ROI of any home remodeling project you could choose for your home. You want to select a company that will provide you an affordable cost and also install your kitchen as quickly as possible with little to no hassle. With Kitchen Saver, you get all this and more.
The Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal refacing system combines high quality materials, a tested and proven installation process,  personally hired and trained employees to deliver a beautiful new kitchen at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional kitchen renovation.

What is kitchen refacing?

Kitchen refacing is the process replacing the doors and drawer fronts and applying a new veneer over the existing surface of your existing kitchen cabinets. The hardware—the hinges, handles, and drawer pulls—are usually also replaced during a refacing project.This process changes the style and color of your kitchen. With Kitchen Saver, you work with the same company for the entire process. You’ll choose the color, finish, and style of your new cabinet doors and drawers, new hardware, and accessories like under-cabinet lighting, pullout shelves, and more. Kitchen Saver will leave your structurally sound cabinet boxes intact, reducing installation time and mess. We’ll reface your cabinets to match your new doors and drawers, and install all your new hardware and accessories in as little as 3 days.

How long does a Kitchen Saver installation take to complete?

Kitchen Saver installations can take as little as three days. Kitchen Saver developed the unique Custom Cabinet Renewal process to make our customers’ experience as efficient and painless as possible, completing your kitchen installation in as little as three days. Our in-house hired and trained installers are highly experienced in Custom Cabinet Renewal;breakingdown your kitchen refacing project into easy-to-execute steps. Your old cabinet doors and drawers are removed, and your cabinet boxesare refaced to match your new door and drawer finish and style. Then,your custom-selected accessories like pullout shelves and built-in lazy susans are installed to your specifications. Finally, your new hardware, doors, and drawers are installed, all while keeping your home clean and easy to navigate.

What materials does Kitchen Saver use?

Kitchen Saver offers a wide variety of materials, including cabinet door and drawer front colors, finishes, and styles made from the highest quality hardwood and laminate options available. Our beautiful hardwood doors and drawers are available in a traditional range of stains to complement or enhance your existing cabinet boxes.If you’re looking for a more contemporary look or unique color scheme, we offer dozens of color and décor style combinations with our top-quality laminate doors and drawers to choose from. Your cabinet boxes are always refaced to match your new doors and drawers, leaving you with a perfectly harmonious kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodeling project.

Can Kitchen Saver add new cabinets to my kitchen?

Yes. Even though Kitchen Saver’s forte is refacing your existing cabinets, there are many situations where are able to offer additional cabinets for our customers. Our primary goal is to preserve the aspects of your kitchen you want to keep, including your structurally sound and functional cabinet boxes. In the event your existing boxes are not structurally stable, we are happy to assist with replacing them to ensure your kitchen is both aesthetically and functionally sound. We’re also happy to assist if you are interested in expanding the functionality of your kitchen with new cabinets. Your design consultant will be able to discuss your options for installing new cabinets during your free in-home consultation.

Does Kitchen Saver replace the cabinet boxes in my kitchen?

Kitchen Saver’s goal in refacing your kitchen is to keep your existing cabinet boxes, which likely are still structurally sound. Our Custom Cabinet Renewal process is designed to convert your kitchen into something new and beautiful by transforming your cabinet boxes with new veneer to match your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. With the help of abundant accessory options – such as pullout shelving and built-in knife drawers and lazy susans – and dozens of style and finishes for your cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware, your kitchen is transformed in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional kitchen renovation project.

What Kind of accessories can Kitchen Saver install in my kitchen?

Kitchen Saver is proud to offer a wide variety of accessories to enhance the functionality of our customers’ newly transformed kitchens, including under-cabinet lighting, pullout shelves, lazy susans, and spice racks to name a few.

o   Under-cabinet Lighting – Our recessed, under-cabinet lighting creates an inviting atmosphere in any kitchen design. It also greatly improves your safety when utilizing your countertops for food preparation.

o   Pullout Shelving – Our sturdy pullout shelving is perfect for access to hard-to-reach lower cabinet space. No more kneeling on the kitchen floor to reach your favorite pot or pan, these pullout shelves make everything in your kitchen easy to find, use, and store.

o   Built-in Lazy Susans – We offer a variety of lazy susan styles to fit your kitchen’s design and style. Our most popular style is the corner cabinet lazy susan, making the most out of your corner cabinet space.

o   Built-in Space Racks –Whether you prefer your spices stored in your cabinet or in an under-cabinet organizer, Kitchen Saver has you covered.

What are the most popular kitchen cabinets colors and styles that Kitchen Saver offers?

Over the past few years, many Kitchen Saver customers have taken interest in our white, contemporary laminate door and drawer styles. Light colors and contemporary styles have become far more popular in recent years, leading to the increase in interest with our refacing customers. Another common request is an upgrade to a more traditional hardwood cabinet look. Kitchen Saver customers interested in hardwood cabinets are happy to discover that we not only offer hardwood cabinet doors and drawers in a variety of styles and finishes, we also offer beautiful wood-finish looks in our laminate doors and drawer fronts. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, our, wood finish laminate is a great decision.

Does Kitchen Saver replace the hardware in my kitchen?

The transformation of your kitchen through Kitchen Saver’s Custom Cabinet Renewal process would not be complete without new hardware to complement your new kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. We offer a wide variety of hardware for our Custom Cabinet Renewal customers to choose from in different finishes and styles – from knobs to handles, oil-rubbed bronze to steel. No matter what material or finish you choose for your new Kitchen Saver cabinet doors and drawers, we’ll have a hardware style and finish to beautifully complement your new kitchen.

Who performs the installation of my Kitchen Saver refacing project?

Kitchen Saver only uses privately hired, W2 employees for our refacing projects. One of the most common struggles of homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen is the issue of subcontractors. Many kitchen remodeling companies subcontract their labor to third parties, leaving you to deal with two different companies at different stages of your renovation process. The worst part of this common practice is that should something go wrong with your project – the wrong materials are ordered, the installation is not completed on-time, or there is some kind of damage done in the installation process – these companies can pass blame to another party. And when no one takes responsibility for your situation, you are left with no help, an incomplete kitchen, and more money to spend. At Kitchen Saver, we do things differently. We hire and train all our own employees, from sales to installation. That means we take responsibility for every aspect of your kitchen remodeling process you entrust to us. You can rest assured your project will be taken care of to your exact specifications, because there’s no middle man. It’s all us.