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Kitchen Remodeling 6: Options

June 30, 2015

So you’ve thought through different remodeling methods for your kitchen and don’t have a perfect fit yet. How you manage the final details could be your solution.

You might have noticed that we haven’t mentioned things like backsplash, external hardware, paint and countertops. They are a large part of how your kitchen will look. But these are last because when push comes to shove, they can wait.

If there’s room in your remodeling budget to do it all at once, go for it! But if you’re still not sure how everything will fit in, these are the things that are easy to update later or even DIY.

Painting is a low-cost element of kitchen remodeling. If you don’t intend to change your kitchen walls, you might not have to worry about this at all. If you do, you might get a better feel for what will work for you once your cabinets and countertop are in.

Storage Space – You don’t have to move walls or add whole new cabinets to increase storage space in your kitchen. If you need more room for your kitchen’s contents, accessories like pullout shelves or rollout drawers can let you access and use space you didn’t know you had! There are other storage options besides cabinet storage optimizers. Extending your cabinets to the ceiling or adding toekick drawers at the bottom can squeeze even more storage into a kitchen that can’t be expanded. These options aren’t just for folks who want to stretch their dollars; they are often included in big-budget kitchens for the convenience alone.

Backsplashes can make a splash by themselves, or quietly let your cabinet and counter choices take center stage. Materials range widely, from marble slabs to careful painting. Tile is a classic because it is flexible, low-maintenance and durable. It can also be affordable, depending on your choices. If your budget is very tight, a simple coat of easy-to-clean paint could be all you need.

The countertop itself is one big option! If you’re holding out for the perfect piece of granite or the Corian you want doesn’t really fit in your budget right now, you could choose a less expensive material for now and upgrade later. You could even skip the middle upgrade. It depends on whether you want an all-at-once transformation or are willing to go bit-by-bit to get exactly what you want. It is a little-known fact that it is easier to get counters after your cabinets rather than the other way around. Sometimes it helps to have your cabinets all finished to get an idea of how a particular countertop might look with them. This also gives you time to shop around for vendors, hunt down the perfect slab, or just space out your investments. Don’t think of this one as a budget limitation, think of it as being cautious and savvy.

Lighting: Proper lighting can make a dreary kitchen bright and turn dark corners into functional space. This is the element that makes all the others really shine; after all , how else will you see it all? But lighting does not have to be done all at once. If you need to pace yourself, some aspects of lighting can be put off. For example, under cabinet lighting should go in with the cabinets themselves, but selecting your kitchen’s light fixtures can be done anytime.

Now you’re ready to get some estimates! You’ve got your goals, resources, and a good understanding of how to make it happen, so it’s time to talk to a pro.


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