The smarter way to reface your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It experiences a lot of use, and your cabinets are no exception. Kitchen Saver® can give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted by using our Custom Cabinet Renewal® process, a faster, more valuable option to kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Saver isn’t an ordinary cabinet refacing business; our exclusive kitchen upgrading process known as Custom Cabinet Renewal makes us an industry leader and innovator. Traditional kitchen companies can only reface or install new cabinets. Kitchen Saver goes beyond to provide you with a semi-custom combination approach, offering traditional cabinet refacing, new cabinets, organization accessories, electrical and plumbing modifications, and countertop upgrades. With Custom Cabinet Renewal, you receive the quality of a major kitchen remodel for the price and efficiency of cabinet refacing, without the mess or the hassle.

Let’s break it down. There are 3 things you need to know about Kitchen Saver:

  1. Similar to traditional cabinet refacing, we leave your structurally sound cabinet boxes in place and update your cabinets with hand-selected hardwood and laminate materials. By doing so, we save you the unnecessary labor and material costs of new cabinet boxes as well as the inconvenience that may be involved to replace them. Cabinet refacing stops here, but we don’t!
  2. Next, pull out your wish list. We can add under-cabinet lighting, replace your faucet and sink, and install new countertops. We also offer several organizing accessories to maximize your storage space and convenience.
  3. Finally, as a custom cabinet builder, we can add new cabinets of any size to maximize the usable space in your kitchen. We can modify existing cabinets and build new matching cabinets where you need them.

Kitchen Saver can transform your kitchen in as little as 3 days and save you money by using and improving your existing cabinets and enhancing the functionality of your space. Every project is installed by 10 year warranty that covers parts and labor. Being in business for 30 years, we have successfully completed over 20,000 installations and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow. Kitchen Saver will exceed your expectations with superior quality and value you will have to see to believe. Prepare to be impressed!

Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal is just one of your options.  Take a look at the others and decide for yourself which one is right for you.


Remodel, Replace, Reface or Renew?

See below for a detailed explanation of your kitchen options.

Major Remodel Cabinet Replacement Traditional Refacing Kitchen Saver
Is my price guaranteed? No. Over runs are normal No. Over runs are common No. Over runs can happen Yes. Your contract price is guaranteed
Install time 5 weeks to 2 months 7 days to 2 weeks 3-5 days 3-5 days
Change my layout? Yes Limited No Modifications and additional cabinetry are available
New drawer boxes and guides? Yes. Soft-close under mount Yes. Side mount most common Possibly Yes. Soft-close under mount
In-cabinet storage solutions? Maybe Maybe Maybe Many options to choose from
New flooring required? Usually Often No No
Add new appliances? Yes Yes No Usually
Are subcontractors used? Yes Usually Usually Never. All installers are employees of Kitchen Saver
Material Warranty 1-5 years (through manufacturer) 1-5 years (through manufacturer) 1-5 years (through manufacturer) 10 years (through Kitchen Saver)
Labor Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 10 years

Traditional Cabinet Refacing

Traditional cabinet refacing, also known as kitchen refacing, has been the project of choice of people who are looking to improve the look of their kitchen quickly and easily without the mess and inconvenience of a 3-5 week remodeling project. Cabinet refacing leaves your cabinet boxes in place and replaces your doors and drawer fronts while covering the fronts and sides of your cabinets with a matching veneer. The bottoms and tops of the cabinets are not covered. Drawer boxes and glides usually remain original and in-cabinet storage solutions are not addressed. Countertops may or may not be available.

The ideal customer for a traditional refacing project is someone who wants to make their kitchen look like new but is not concerned with it working like new. The quality varies, with thermofoil being used in many lower cost projects. Expect a 1-5 year warranty on the materials.

Cabinet Replacement

Before the Kitchen Saver Renewal process, cabinet replacement was the only option for people looking to make their kitchen look and work like new; traditional cabinet refacing only took care of the first. In this process, existing cabinets are completely removed and new cabinets are installed. Changing the layout is often not possible since the placement of kitchen cabinets is primarily dictated by the arrangement of the kitchen walls, windows, openings, and existing utilities like water and gas lines. Additional cabinets may be added if space permits. Cabinet replacement takes more time than most people expect—anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. This is because of the numerous trades involved in the completion of the project and the challenges of scheduling. Most likely, a general contractor will take care of hiring the subcontractors: electricians, plumbers, demolition laborers, cabinet installer, and countertop installers.

It is important to note that with cabinet replacement, additional work that is not anticipated may be required. It’s not uncommon to budget 20%-30% over the contracted price for such items as electrical and plumbing upgrades required by the building inspector, along with the replacement of flooring where the new cabinets do no match the footprint of the original cabinets. The quality of replacement cabinets varies greatly. The most commonly used cabinets are constructed with particle board and come with a 1-5 year warranty. Most consumers want something better, but quality cabinets can as much as double the cost, making the project unaffordable.

Major Kitchen Remodeling

On the other end of the spectrum from cabinet refacing is a major kitchen remodel. This is the preferred option of those who want the complete freedom to design their kitchen without the limitations of the existing space. Major kitchen remodeling involves changing the layout of the kitchen by building additions or moving walls, as well as moving utilities such as water, gas and electrical.

For those people with an unlimited budget, a major remodel is a great option and can result in a striking showpiece kitchen like you may have seen in kitchen magazines or on HGTV. Expect to be without the use of your kitchen for 1 to 2 months or more.