A Kitchen Transformation for Engine 43  

In recent years there has been a movement in Baltimore city to refurbish our older firehouses. Some of these buildings were truly dilapidated and needed a lot of repair. Since the city had its hands full already, other local groups started looking into what could be done.

Our CEO Brett Cohen was invited by MileOne to tour some of these crumbling firehouses. He saw the deteriorated conditions and resolved to join the effort to fix up the structures that support the firefighters who keep us safe. “The kitchen was in disrepair with makeshift cabinets and old appliances being brought in by the firefighters from their homes.” He noted, “These brave men and women are willing to put their life on the line for us every day.  The least we can do is provide them with a place to call home and enjoy a meal”

With that in mind, Kitchen Saver signed up to bring a new kitchen to the Engine 43 firehouse. The building had not seen an update since it was built in 1985 and was ready to catch up to 2015. The new kitchen is much larger with increased storage and multiple refrigerators and stoves to keep up with a big and busy crew.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and even more so for a firehouse, with many hungry firefighters to feed who are often on duty over holidays. One of the members of Engine 43 is a bit of a chef, cooking for his teammates over the holidays and was even featured in the Baltimore Sun a few years ago.  It is our hope that this new kitchen will create more of a home away from home for him and all the other firefighters at Engine 43.

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